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March 18, 2006


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference 3/18 Project: Juan Carlos Herrera (UPDATED):

» Juan Carlos Herrera Acosta: "I will not give up" from Babalu Blog
Juan Carlos Herrera Acosta Cuban political prisoner Juan Carlos Herrera Acosta is a dying man, thanks to the cruelties brought to bear on him by the Castro dictatorship. But, as this testimony reveals, he has only begun to fight... [Read More]

» Cuban men with balls from Babalu Blog
No one has the right to question the courage of the Cuban people, for it is not in doubt. Those who would question the testicular fortitude of the Cuban people, specifically, its men, are wrong on two points. First, the... [Read More]

» Protesting Cuban prisoners in critical condition from Babalu Blog
Four Cuban political prisoners on hunger strike at the Holguín Provincial Prison are critically ill, but the dictatorship continues to refuse to give into their demands for better living conditions and greater respect for their human rights, according ... [Read More]

» Make some noise for hunger-striking Cuban prisoners from Babalu Blog
Four Cuban political prisoners — Juan Carlos Herrera Acosta, Alfredo Dominguez Batista, Orlando Zapata Tamayo and Luis Mariano Deliz Utria — are currently on hunger strike at the Holguín Provincial Prison, demanding better living conditions and greater... [Read More]


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