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June 05, 2006


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference 3/18 Project: Dr. José Luis García Paneque (UPDATED):

» Take action for Cuban prisoner from Babalu Blog
Dr. Jose Luis Garcia Paneque Human Rights First provides an opportunity to support Cuban political prisoner Dr. Jose Luis Garcia Paneque: Jailed Cuban activist Dr. Jose Luis Garcia Paneque's health has recently deteriorated seriously. Dr. Garcia Paneq... [Read More]

» In Cuba, health of jailed journalists deteriorates from Babalu Blog
Committee to Protect Journalists this week reported on the poor medical conditions eight imprisoned Cuban journalists: New York, June 20, 2007—Families and friends of eight independent Cuban journalists who have been unjustly imprisoned since 2003 say... [Read More]

» Thug is no match for political prisoner from Babalu Blog
Dr. José Luis García Paneque The communist dictatorship of fidel castro is not driven by philosophy or a particular world view. It is driven by a thirst for absolute power, backed by the willingness to use whatever terrible means... [Read More]

» Is there a doctor in the gulag? from Babalu Blog
Yes, there is. At least six, to be exact. Laida Carro, whose e-mails demand attention, for the news they bring about Cuban political prisoners and other dissidents, has published at Misceláneas de Cuba a tribute to five physicians and one... [Read More]


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