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February 18, 2007


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» Political prisoner faces "critical state of health" from Babalu Blog
From Cuban Democratic Directorate: Francisco Chaviano González, a Cuban political prisoner, currently faces a critical state of health, and his wife, Ana Aguililla, desperately seeks his liberation so that he can obtain the medical care he needs. In Ma... [Read More]

» Prisoner No More from Blue Crab Boulevard
Francisco Chaviano Gonzlez Was, in 1994, documentingthe deaths of people trying to flee from the communist workers paradise of Cuba. The authorities harassed him relentlessly; sending thugs to beat him in an effort to silen... [Read More]

» Francisco Chaviano González released from Babalu Blog
The official word is he was "paroled" two years early, but in truth his health has been failing and the regime won't risk the possible bad press if they let an Amnesty International Prisoner of Conscience die in captivity. Are... [Read More]


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