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June 17, 2007


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» A nephew's blog from Babalu Blog
Antonio Díaz Sánchez The current Uncommon Sense Political Prisoner of the Week is Antonio Díaz Sánchez, who in 2003 was sentenced to 20 years in the Cuban gulag for his anti-communist activism, specifically, his work with the the Varela... [Read More]

» Cuban gulag is no place to get sick from Babalu Blog
The "wonderful" Cuban health care system, is not so much behind bars --- especially if you are a political prisoner. Just ask Francisco Chaviano. Or Antonio Diaz.... [Read More]

» Wife pleads for prisoner's release from Babalu Blog
Marielito has published a copy of an open letter written by his aunt, Gisela Sanchez Verdecias, on behalf of her husband, Cuban political prisoner Antonio Ramon Diaz Sanchez, imploring the dictatorship to release him because of his poor health: To... [Read More]

» 3 political prisoners start hunger strikes from Babalu Blog
Three Cuban political prisoners — all members of the Group of 75 — started hunger strikes last week after officials at the Canaleta prison blocked one of them from receiving magazines, newspapers and other materials that had been delivered for... [Read More]


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