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June 03, 2007


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» What in the world is Matt Lauer reporting on in Cuba? from Babalu Blog
Make sure you check out special blog posts today from around the country regarding the Today Show in Cuba tomorrow. The list below will be growing so check back throughout the day. Uncommon Sense, another post here. El Cafe... [Read More]

» So who is Oscar Biscet? from Babalu Blog
Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet, who next week will be honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, is a man of the greatest character, which makes him one of the castro dictatorship's greatest enemies. The dictatorship may have Biscet locked away... [Read More]

» Nordlinger: Bush shines with honor for Biscet from Babalu Blog
Friend of Cuban freedom Jay Nordlinger sums up perfectly the significance of President Bush honoring Cuban political prisoner Oscar Biscet with the Presidential Medal of Freedom: In awarding this medal, President Bush — not for the first time — has... [Read More]

» What Oscar Biscet believes from Babalu Blog
The newly redesigned Web site for the Lawton Foundation for Human Rights, is the best place to start to read the views of Cuban political prisoner Oscar Biscet, who on Monday will be honored at the White House, when President... [Read More]

» Son: Biscet is "an inspiration" from Babalu Blog
The Boston Globe this morning has two must-reads about Cuban political prisoner Oscar Biscet, who will be honored Monday with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. First, there is a column by Jeff Jacoby. The money quote: For decades, various American... [Read More]


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